Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins Cover
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX: 9
Processor: 2GHz (Single Core)
RAM: 512MB
Hard Drive: 8GB
Video: 128MB

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OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX: 9
Processor: 2.4Ghz (Single Core)
RAM: 768MB
Hard Drive: 8GB
Video: 256MB

Release Date: 11 April 2006


A cunning and ruthless killer is taunting authorities with a series of grisly murders. As FBI agent Ethan Thomson, your investigation will pit you against the most violent side of humanity as you unravel clues left by the killer.

  • Stay alive using any weapon you can from firearms to lead pipes to whatever you can pry from the fully interactive environment.
  • Unprecedented high-definition graphics and meticulously crafted 5.1 surround sound plunge you into a world of violent crime.
  • Use sophisticated forensic tools to investigate crime scenes and uncover evidence in this intense one-of-a-kind psychological thriller.

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