Aura: Fate of the Ages

Aura: Fate of the Ages Cover
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX: 8
Processor: 800MHz (Single Core)
Hard Drive: 1.3GB
Video: 2MB

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Release Date: 29 June 2004
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In unique worlds of illusions and reality, in magical, mechanical and ethereal lands, take on the quest to find the artifacts cleverly concealed throughout the lands. Four parallel worlds await you on your journey: The Ademika Valley - the gateway and the world of secret research and sacred rituals, Dragast - the mechanical world and the kingdom of mountains and snow, Na-Tiexu - the esoteric world of astronomy and magic, and lastly, the beautiful Island of Unity, each with different environments to explore, challenges to encounter and a variety of indigeous puzzles to solve.

Lose yourself in this fantastic and rich adventure, uncover the smallest details, collect important information, solve the enigmas and unravel the saga of intrigue, exploration and treachery that is Aura: Fate of the Ages.


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