Advent Rising

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OS: Windows 2000/XP
DirectX: 8.1
Processor: 2GHz (Single Core)
RAM: 256MB
Hard Drive: 5.5GB
Video: 128MB

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Release Date: 31 May 2005


At the dawn of interstellar reasoning, as the first intelligent races took to the stars and began to interact with each other, they discovered a common thread – the legend of an ancient race that would one day “deliver” the universe. This race was known as the Humans.

The Seekers alone held the key to the secret of the humans. Humanity did in fact exist, and the Seekers were doing all that they could to eradicate them. Under the guise of “benevolent explores” they spread methodically through out the galaxy destroying all human life they came in contact with.

Consequently, the Seekers did in fact discover many new races and helped introduce them into the galactic arena. This served the Seekers two fold. It allowed them to constantly spread their influence and strengthen their military and civic control of the galaxy, and it allowed them to retain and magnify their image of philanthropic nobility.

The Aurelian culture was rich with tales of humanity. When they were discovered by the Seekers many of their legends rekindled long dormant ideals within the galactic senate.

With the added insight, knowledge, and technology that interstellar society offered the Aurelian’s, it was not long before the Seekers duplicity was discovered. Enraged, the government formed a small covert faction within the Aurelian military to gather as much information about Seeker operations as possible. It was because of this group that Edumea, a small world inhabited by humans, was first discovered and a rescue organized.

With the introduction into the galactic senate close at hand, and the promise of power and wealth looming overhead, many governing Aurelian officials began to doubt the plan to help the humans. They argued that if discovered they would be completely destroyed by the Seekers. It was their opinion that in order to save themselves and insure their place in the senate, their policy on humanity should be to simply look the other way.

With growing dissention within the government it was feared that the Seekers would discover the Aurelian’s plans, and consequently discover the planet of Edumea. Knowing this, the Aurelian head sent a small diplomatic force to Edumea. The humans were to be warned of their plight and aided in any way possible.

As initial steps are being taken toward healing the scars that warfare has left on the battered Edumean civilization, the Aurelians arrive. A diplomatic entourage is quickly formed by the newly established coalition government—a dozen representatives of humanity to make this pivotal first contact with an alien race. Ethan Wyeth, a world-renowned fighter pilot and war hero is the obvious choice to pilot this vital assembly to first contact. Using his fame and influence, he has his younger brother, Gideon (the player), assigned as co-pilot for the mission. From earliest childhood, Ethan has often relied on his brother’s level-headedness and clear thinking to support him in unpredictable situations, and this will be no exception.


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